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It may not be immediately obvious, but reception photos are an important part of a wedding photo reportage especially for weddings in Italy. In fact, this is the moment when the spouses can relax and spend some time with the guests. During the aperitif I usually photograph the nice expressions of the guests, the details of the location, the dinner area, the floral arrangements, the mise en place, and so on.
During dinner, the most important photos to compose the wedding photo reportage are the toasts, the smiles and the looks of the most important people for the newlyweds. I prefer to photograph all the situation in a completely unobtrusive way as I can tell the story of each moment without interfering or upsetting people as they eat, talk and enjoy themselves.
In many weddings in Italy, it’is also the right time to follow the children’s games and capture photos that complete the wedding photo reportage with the spontaneity typical of children.
Even at the reception I prefer to shoot in ambient light, avoiding the use of flash, so you can see in the photos exactly the same atmosphere of the day and I can be perfectly unobtrusive.

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