Wedding reportage

Wedding reportage


Street Photography

Documentary wedding photography for me means to tell the story of the day with images, through photos that speak of real emotions and relationships around the couple, keeping intact the poetry and irony of the moment shot. It means watching what happens with brand new eyes and shooting from the heart, becoming an accomplice of light to make the invisible visible.

“Photography is more than an art.
It is a solar phenomenon where the artist collaborates with the sun.”



How is it possible to get all this in wedding reportage?

The most important thing is the relationship with the spouses. There must be connection, a common idea, an affinity. The most beautiful wedding reportage are of couples who have a similar approach to life than mine. We could say we have the same style, to understand each other. For this reason, it is very important to get to know each other before the wedding day.
Also, it is equally fundamental not to interfere in the action that is unfolding and to capture every small event as it happens. You will be free to move for the whole day, to dedicate yourself to the guests and the party, and while you live fully the day, I will be able to capture authentic photos, the ones I prefer.

Finally, working calmly and relaxedly is the best way to constantly observe and get “in tune” with everything that happens, while the moments to be taken in the photos are gradually develop in front of the lens. My work always goes hand in hand with the contribution of all the photographed subjects: together, only together, you can create unforgettable images.
This is what makes me love my job most of all: the possibility of improving myself in the art of observing, feeling and foreseeing memories. A magic that can renew thanks to you!

Combining wedding reportage and street photography:
the role of the second photographer

The support of the second photographer is precious to allow more freedom to interpret the wedding day in an artistic way, because we can alternate in the documentation of the fundamental moments and the little special moments.
In fact, a complex event such as a wedding, full of interactions and emotions, brings together in itself a number of other small events and important moments that do not directly concern the spouses, but are equally significant. Working in pairs, we can give maximum attention to the fleeting details, to the unexpected, to anything curious, funny and bizarre occurs.
This is a way to join together wedding reportage and street photography, to make the concept of already seen and repetitive photo disappear and open the wide space of artistic experimentation: together with the couples we want to make art, and not only. We want to innovate, propose a new aesthetic and a new ethos of wedding photography. With our work we want to enhance the small gestures, because these are real life: we want pictures full of looks, playfulness and originality.

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