About me

I’m Simone, an Italian wedding photographer based in Rome.
Lucky for me, I am surrounded by the beauty of an ancient city which has many enchanting wedding venues and beautiful locations that allowed me to cultivate my love for photography.
This great love began while I was studying Political Science at University: at the end of the university course I was sure that I would never become a politician. On the other hand I had already become a photographer and so it was natural to choose photography as my main job.
I shot my first wedding around 15 years ago with a manual focus film camera: I liked it so much that, in that moment, I decided to become a documentary wedding photographer.
Since then, I have honed my skills, getting to know in detail the timing, rhythm and movements of a wedding. So before something special happens, I’m already there with my camera to catch every tiny moment.
In my personal style of documentary wedding photography I take my inspiration from classic street photographers and photojournalists.
In particular, my style is focused on the in-between moments and on small and instantaneous connections, on the unpredictable and the unexpected, on every expression, form and light condition that really challenges me to create really beautiful photos, decisive moments that come from the heart.
I love to photograph weddings and I love telling stories through my photographs, capturing real moments that show beauty and evoke emotion.
For me it is always an honor to be involved in the perfect outcome of a wedding and to document all the special little things that happen in it.

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