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Documentary wedding photography allows you to relive, through the photos, the real emotion of every moment of the day: each wedding that I photograph is different from the other, because every couple has its own personality and the wedding photo reportage will faithfully reflect their character.
It is possible that during the preparations there is a bit of agitation or emotion, that the bride is extroverted and at ease in the situation or the exact opposite, that the bride is very reserved and the atmosphere at home is calm and intimate.
The important for me is to capture the original atmosphere of the moment and at the bride’s preparations usually I meet friends, bridesmaids, curious relatives, neighbors and their interaction with the bride are very good circumstances to photograph many spontaneous situations.
As a wedding photographer in Italy I chose documentary wedding photography and this means that I don’t have to get a predetermined result (as could be the smiling bride on the whole album) but everything that happens is photographed exactly as it happens: at the bride’s preparations you can find the first expressions of the wedding album, authentic and true, as true will be all the many other situation that will follow throughout the pages.
Simplifying a lot, you can divide this moment into three parts: makeup and hairstyle, dressing and exit. Around these moments rotate the main photos.
As in the groom’s getting ready, the first glances that the bride receives once ready, the thousand little gestures that express the affection and participation of the people present, are all unique moments making them indelibly alive in your wedding photo reportage.

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