documentary wedding photography

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Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

In documentary wedding photography there is no preconceived intention with respect to the result, but a wedding photographer follows the sequence of events and photographs exactly what happens as it happens.
For me, groom’s preparations are moments as equally important as the bride’s preparations and therefore they are essential for a complete wedding photographic documentation.
However it often happens that the groom asks me: “Do you photograph my preparations? I don’t think it’s so much to photograph, I’ll not take more than ten minutes to get ready!”. In part it’s true: there is no doubt that the groom is quick to prepare and therefore the time he takes to dress can last only a few minutes.
Male wedding attire could be not easy to put on, so it’s a good idea to have someone to help you while you dress. Usually the person helping you adjusting the tie or inserting cufflinks is likely a brother, father or someone important to you, so this is an important moment for me as it allows to capture the spontaneous interactions with the people around you.
But the groom’s preparations are not only the photos of you while you tie your shoes, put on your jacket and adjust the tie in the mirror. Around these main events, many other things happen, which in my idea of ​​documentary wedding photography are absolutely important.
These are the photos of friends joking to ease the tension, the cat that wanders around the house or your father being moved while watching you: all these little moments reveal your character and your emotions and help me to tell your story.
This is why I pay particular attention to the interactions and emotions between people: excitement, joy, jokes, playfulness and even nervousness and agitation are all genuine, real, authentic emotions and will become wonderful memories in the photos.

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