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The private photo session is the first moment that the newlyweds have to get away from the guests and spend some time alone as husband and wife.
Before the wedding my clients often tell me that they feel uncomfortable when someone takes pictures of them. And my answer is always the same: it’s absolutely normal! You always feel uncomfortable when you do something you do not know and except if you’re a famous actor or model, it’s improbable that you’re used to be photographed by a professional photographer.
For this reason, during couple portraits, I will not ask you to pose making you feel awkward. The idea is to take a walk, holding hands, looking at each other. By doing what you will spontaneously do, you will have natural photos that will reflect your character.
Before the wedding we will agree on how much time we will dedicate to these photos. It does not take long to get them, even just 15 minutes. It may take more time if we have to move to different places to have different sceneries.
If we move on foot, remember that you may not be so fast in wedding dress and heels!

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